Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Heavy Winged - Mojito (200?, no label, no artwork, no info)

"Across their first 3 full-length releases (plus several compilation appearances), the ex-NYC trio Heavy Winged have garnered a reputation for blowing out tuned-in eardrums with their urban retro-futurist DIY rampaging-giant-lizard noise rock. And deservedly so." Description from Dwacres


GHQ - Square Growth Sessions Tape (2007, Sloow Tapes)

"Three extended celestial hymns of acid smoked vibrations spiraling right into the labyrinth of the third eye, connecting profoundly with the psychedelic freeflow of the earths and bodys four fluids. Mirage healing powers as played by the boundless trio of Steve Gunn, Marcia Bassett and Pete Nolan. Elongated and shadowy-lit edition of 150 copies." Description from Sloow Tapes.


DOPO - Crossing Birds CDr (2007, Foxglove - generously donated by the band!)

Described by Eduardo Chagas as "one of the most interesting and original projects of the unclassifiable experimental music" from Portugal, DOPO explore psychadelic folk, drones, cheap electronics and any other ways that their multiple instruments point to.

Their debut EP, "Last Blues, To Be Read Someday" (digital release - Test Tube, 2005), was compared to the improvised ritualistic music of Sunburned Hand of the Man and to the melancholic quietude of Boxhead Ensemble. People and critics like Patrick Best (Pelt), Rui Eduardo Paes, Jose Marmeleira and Helder Gomes praised the record.

This EP was followed by "For the Entrance of the Sun" album (CD-R Lovers & Lollypops/digital release - Test Tube, 2007), in which DOPO began to explore other elements, such as their own voices.

"Crossing Birds" (2007) was released by respected United States' label Foxglove (Keijo, North Sea, Hush Arbors).


Huntress - Full Snow Moon 3'' CDr (2006, Some Dark Holler)

This is part of the Folklore of the Moon Series. Heavy drone from 1/2 of Fulci formed from burnt casio circuitry, melted cassettes, and overloaded speakers. track listing: 1• Ice & Lamps, Intertwined 2• This Blizzard 3• Jets to Full Snow Moon

Description from Some Dark Holler.