Friday, August 24, 2007

Bodyvehicle - Being Being 2xTape (2007, Black Horizons)

This upload was generously donated to Astraal Tempel RhytHymns by the label and artist. Please visit their website here and support underground music!

65 minutes spread out over 4 sides. Presented as a retrospective, including some previously released select tracks, and some not heard before. The style can vary from track to track, some dominated by small sounds and buzzing loops, to epic and beautiful drone pieces, and electro-acoustic improv fused with noise. Instruments that are audible include saxophone, guitar, and drum machine. Bodyvehicle manages to keep the avant garde classics in mind while still looking forward in a way that few acts can. Presented in a black vinyl album, with color art on blue/gold shimmer vellum cover and color on transparent labels. Tracks listing is printed on blue shimmer paper, which is glued to the inside. Edition of 50 hand stamp #'ed copies on hi-bias chrome tapes. Click here to see more detailed images of the packaging. Description from the label.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Circle - General LP (2005, Kevyt Nostalgia)

The first track(s) is a weird one, starting off with a bit of noodly electric piano, over a thick staticky haze of backgroud whir, segueing quickly into a strange lite prog, like Gentle Giant or Gong maybe, but unlike those bands, Circle's lite prog is buried in effects, the vocals are freaked out and splinter into mad echos, the drums careen wildly into the ether, the whole thing a swirling prog rock acid-drenched freakout. Eventually things settle into that instantly recognizable Circle groove, a throbbing hypnotic krautrocky workout. Then Circle pulls a Skynrd on us by fading out a track on side one and then fading back into it on side two. So awesome. Haven't really noticed anyone pulling that one off in ages.

Most of side two is taken up by a much heavier Circle, with a thick fuzzy serpentine bass line underpinning simple repeated guitar riffs, the drums pounding out a basic, impossible to resist rhythm, everything building in intensity, eventually melting down into a full on low-end freakout, a wall of distortion and splattered drums, super effected wailing vocals all burning bright before drifting back to black. Woah. Review from Aquarius.