Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Circle - General LP (2005, Kevyt Nostalgia)

The first track(s) is a weird one, starting off with a bit of noodly electric piano, over a thick staticky haze of backgroud whir, segueing quickly into a strange lite prog, like Gentle Giant or Gong maybe, but unlike those bands, Circle's lite prog is buried in effects, the vocals are freaked out and splinter into mad echos, the drums careen wildly into the ether, the whole thing a swirling prog rock acid-drenched freakout. Eventually things settle into that instantly recognizable Circle groove, a throbbing hypnotic krautrocky workout. Then Circle pulls a Skynrd on us by fading out a track on side one and then fading back into it on side two. So awesome. Haven't really noticed anyone pulling that one off in ages.

Most of side two is taken up by a much heavier Circle, with a thick fuzzy serpentine bass line underpinning simple repeated guitar riffs, the drums pounding out a basic, impossible to resist rhythm, everything building in intensity, eventually melting down into a full on low-end freakout, a wall of distortion and splattered drums, super effected wailing vocals all burning bright before drifting back to black. Woah. Review from Aquarius.



Jake said...

many thanks! excellent stuff

Anonymous said...

OMG this is mind boggling!
This is best new music I've heard for a long time! Are their other albums as good as this one?
If you have their other albums, could you kindly post them?
That would be super cool.
Anyway thanks for the great music.
Your blog rules!

rvdh said...

ill post what i have of theirs that's out of print which isnt much. thanks.

Anonymous said...

To Rvdh.
Thanks a bunch!
I got a hunch that the others will be very interesting too.
Looks like I found some interesting newbie band with great talent.
Navigating lots of web blogs finally paid off big time, hehe.
Keep up the great work and thank you gain.

Theo said...

thank you!!!
do you have Pori?
wicked blog

rvdh said...

yeah but pori is still availablori

smoothwaters said...

Hmmmm, any chance of re-uploading this? I was so excited to see it on your blog (which I just recently discovered and have been very pleased with) but then of course I was disappointed that the mediafire link gives an error.

Circle is such a brilliant band & I am unfamiliar with this record.

Thanks for the music!

Petya Venikov said...

wow! is there any way you can repost this?!! thanks for all the great music!

Anonymous said...

I've got a lot of 'em but not this one any chance of a repost?

Lee said...

a re-up would be great if at all possible...