Friday, March 9, 2012

RapidShare Slows Download Speeds To Drive Away Pirates

During the last week, users who rely on RapidShare’s free service have been complaining of reduced download speeds. Several theories have been circulating, mainly focusing on the file-hoster trying to drive users to take up premium accounts. But according to RapidShare the reason is simple – to drive pirates away from their service. Fast download speeds are still available for free, but they come at a different kind of cost. Continued

Leaked: Police Plan to Raid The Pirate Bay

More than half a decade after Swedish police officers first raided The Pirate Bay, there is talk that a second police raid against the world’s most famous torrent site is in the planning. The Pirate Bay team has learned that local authorities have acquired warrants to take action against the site, and expect that both servers and the new .se domain name may be targeted soon. Continued