Saturday, May 26, 2007

Z'EV - Rhythmajik e-book (1992)

Rhythmajik is perhaps the most unusual book we published. Part dictionary, part magical primer, it constituted a complete practical guide to the rhythmic and magical uses of sound.

Based on the ancient qabalistic tradition where every letter has an equivalent numerical value, Z'EV translates the written word into sound patterns, and describes how these can be put to practical (i.e. magical) use.

As a qabalistic dictionary, it's extraordinary. Every number combination is indexed to a range of meanings. These can be combined to create complex sound patterns for use in healing rituals or other workings. It knocks Crowley's 777 into a cocked hat in terms of its richness and application. And because it's based on sound it can be applied irrespective of language. It removes the mystification of qabalistic systems at a stroke. You can even translate words to number to image via the dictionary, creating complex visual collage out of the symbolic references. Description from Permuted.


Bonecloud - Bonecloud 2xCDr (2006)

Epic double cdr debut from this duo who bleed their sounds together to create grand pieces of breathing beautiful musical noise. Droning wind organs and fragile tones of murky guitar melody combine with mists of long dead ghosts singing in wind, clarinet, tape, chimes, tarka and electronics which manifest to give life to magnificent soaring "songs" of chilling warmth and celestial bliss. This is music for drowning in space, crossing the tundra and wading through swamp graveyards. Running time of over an hour and a half. Review from Tomentosa Records.


Thuja - Fable 3" CDr (2003)

Again, the Thujans (Loren Chasse, Rob Reger, Steven R. Smith, and Glenn Donaldson) make some of the most beautiful and mysterious abstract instrumental improv we've heard. All we're told is that Fable was "recorded at night in the Garden of Kains, August 30, 2003". There could have been weird old hippies sitting in, or magical woodland beasts (of the past), or academic dronologists gone a bit strange on natural pharmacueticals...but probably it was just Thuja, and their music is conjuring these imaginary visitors not the other way around. Review from Aquarius.


Bardo Pond - Slab 10" (2000)

The first side, consisting of a song called "Off the Precipice" is so primordial, the drumming so off kilter, the guitars so dripping, the vocals so hazed, that it transports me to the next realm of being instantaneously. I swear that these guys don't make music so much as they rip it out of the space directly preceding sleep.

The b-side is a little more Spacemen 3 and a little less dreamstate. As is the case with all Bardo Pond releases, the balance between the longer jams and the poppy numbers is kept in check. The songs on the b-side perfectly follow up the mammoth trip of the a-side. Isobel's vocals throughout this release are a bit more up front, which is a very good thing. Review from Fake Jazz.