Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bonecloud - Bonecloud 2xCDr (2006)

Epic double cdr debut from this duo who bleed their sounds together to create grand pieces of breathing beautiful musical noise. Droning wind organs and fragile tones of murky guitar melody combine with mists of long dead ghosts singing in wind, clarinet, tape, chimes, tarka and electronics which manifest to give life to magnificent soaring "songs" of chilling warmth and celestial bliss. This is music for drowning in space, crossing the tundra and wading through swamp graveyards. Running time of over an hour and a half. Review from Tomentosa Records.



Andrew said...

This file no longer seems to be available.

Anonymous said...

can you repost the bonecloud 2cd? or other bonecloud or ghosting. maybe have some VxPxC or 6majik9, soarwhole? great blog dude!

african said...

sorry for previous incomplete comment))))
if u still need soarwhole, 6majik9 (and i think, terracid too), welcome 2 my blog!)