Saturday, May 26, 2007

Bardo Pond - Slab 10" (2000)

The first side, consisting of a song called "Off the Precipice" is so primordial, the drumming so off kilter, the guitars so dripping, the vocals so hazed, that it transports me to the next realm of being instantaneously. I swear that these guys don't make music so much as they rip it out of the space directly preceding sleep.

The b-side is a little more Spacemen 3 and a little less dreamstate. As is the case with all Bardo Pond releases, the balance between the longer jams and the poppy numbers is kept in check. The songs on the b-side perfectly follow up the mammoth trip of the a-side. Isobel's vocals throughout this release are a bit more up front, which is a very good thing. Review from Fake Jazz.



Greg Sinora said...

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Andrew said...

The file is no longer available.

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