Friday, June 15, 2007

Uchu - Uchu (1998) & Buddha (1999) CD-r's

"One group I like on the CD-R label but that doesn’t seem to have been reissued or made more widely available in any form is Uchu. They’re described as a Virtual trip ambient unit consisting of Kawabata…Hiroshi Higashi, and Ayano. All the music is played on voice and electric guitar. Because the concept of the group is to create a kind of “human techno” from improvised cut-up lyrics (single words, actually) and repeating guitar patterns, we use no samplers, sequencers, or synthesizers whatsoever. The “human techno” bit is perhaps misleading, on their two CD-Rs Uchu and Buddha the general scheme is for flowing, open guitar patterns to slowly build on themselves while the voices of the three members, intoning concepts like “love”, “soul”, “buddha”, “space” echo in and out. All very cosmic, with the best of the music sounding like classic Popul Vuh. That’ll tell you whether you’d like them or not. Perhaps someone will see fit to reissue these releases at some stage." Description from

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Monolith said...

Very interesting... thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

these have been reissued by a label i saw on acid mothers blog - namu. said yoshida from ruins remasterd it.

Leena said...

Interesting to know.