Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mike Tamburo - Dance Enis Dance CDr (2007, Barl Fire)

Mike Tamburo returns with an epic 32 minute suite of Basho-esque fingerpicking and psychedelic drones, that are exhilarating yet meditative and clearly an expression of deep catharsis. The album is packaged in full colour sleeves featuring cover art by Pete Spynda, housed in vinyl slip cases, contains an insert and is limited to 100 copies. Go to Barl Fire to see where the cd is still available.


Anonymous said...

How do you open the file? Do I add .zip or something?

Evil Do'er said...

nice work, just played a show with him last month!

rvdh said...

the file should open with winrar or 7-zip:

evil do'er, do you have a recording of it?

John P said...

I have a Mac.

Barl Fire said...

would prefer not to contact you via the comments box on your blog but as I could not find contact details on your page it leaves me no other choice. I am the owner of the label that released this album, I've not got a problem with people uploading our releases where something is out of print and has the consent of the artist but this is one of our more recent releases and there are still many legitimate copies of this available to buy from various online sources. Just remember every copy of this downloaded is one less sale for the artist. We don't make a penny on these releases (all profits go direct to the artist) but we do put ALOT of time and effort into putting these short run releases together. If you want to discuss this further, feel free to contact me via the label website, but in the meantime we'd prefer it if you pulled the link to the download at least until this is out of print

rvdh said...

*link deleted*

Michael said...

actually i am okay with this being downloaded. i mean you are only getting like half of what the actual release is by not buying the object. this has been reissued in my language of the birds and other fantasies boxset (7cdrs, 1 dvdr, 72 page book). i have the entire track up on my virb site now as well.
glad you guys are digging this one.
mike tamburo

Anonymous said...

link deleted ?
aaa...maybe reup ?