Sunday, July 29, 2007

Surface Of Eceon - Tussyan Ruins CD (2003, Three Lobed)

This EP Is Part Of The Eight-Volume Subscription-Only Purposeful Availment Series. Description from Discogs.

Surface of Eceon (or Surface of Eceyon), is a supergroup of sorts whose music has been described as ambient, space rock. This unit, which has a penchant for the phantasmagoric, includes members of from Landing and Yume Bitsu, two notable psychedelic rock groups. Description from Wikipedia.



Bruce said...

thanks! great blog!

ejg said...

sorry to post this in your comments, but i caouldn't figure out another way to contact you

the folks at GSU, ejg and eerowen along with time-lag records are presenting an exploratory guitar festival in portland maine in sept.
below is the press release
it'd be great if you were able to mention the fest here
if you want to email me directly about this my email is listed in my profile on GSU
Rivers Of and Time-Lag Records are proud to present the Time of Rivers festival, a two-day gathering of some of today’s most talented and intriguing solo instrumentalists. Most of the artists gracing this fest focus on the guitar, respecting the tradition of the steel string while pushing boundaries and exploring possibilities not hitherto heard. While each artist sharing the stage varies stylistically from each other, expect acoustic guitar mastery from almost each and every one (though several acts do, in fact, feature vocalists), with the requisite curveballs thrown in for fortitude. The significance of such a large gathering of top-tier contemporary players should not be lost on anyone paying attention to the modern musical landscape. Time of Rivers is an historic opportunity to witness firsthand this immense pool of talent... in concentrated form. Time of Rivers will be taking place on Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9 of 2007 in Portland, Maine, at both The Soundpost and One Longfellow. Both venues are located in downtown Portland, mere blocks apart, and feature good bars, restaurants, and used record stores nearby -- including Enterprise Records and the new Time-Lag store. The Soundpost allows BYOB, while One Longfellow hosts a cash bar. A weekend pass to all shows is $20, with separate tickets available for $5 for the afternoon set and $10 for each of the two evening sets. Tickets are currently available by emailing Time-Lag Records at or by visiting or You can also read more about the festival by visiting or Additional funding for the Time of Rivers festival was graciously provided by Buckdancer’s Choice Music Co. and Enterprise Records. ARTISTS PERFORMING: Jack Rose (Pelt) Glenn Jones (Cul De Sac) Micah Blue Smaldone R. Keenan Lawler Fire On Fire (formerly Threads, Cerberus Shoal) Sean Smith Adam Snider Craig Ventresco (“Crumb” Soundtrack) Matt Valentine Christina Carter Ilyas Ahmed Arborea Mike Tamburo Joshua Burkett Marc Orleans (Sunburned Hand of the Man, D. Charles Speer) Eric Carbonara (Soft People) Steve Gunn (GHQ, Magik Markers, Moongang) zaimph (marcia bassett of ghq/double leopards/un/etc) Cursillistas Nonloc (Bright) For additional information about current lineup, scheduling, or lodging/camping options in the area visit or email Edward Gibbs at

Anonymous said...

Hey? Heeey???
Where have you been?
Please come back.


rvdh said...

Ill be back with a ton of stuff one week from today.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that you're doing a great job dropping heavy slabs of molten bliss al over the place. Keep it up, friend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. I've been looking for this EP for a long time.