Friday, July 20, 2007

Total - Beyond the Rim LP (1993, Majora)

Matthew Bower of UK power-drone outfit, Skullflower, who, surprisingly, are "back" with a new album on Tumult. If you ever lay your eyes upon copies of the band's Ruins, Xaman and Last Shot At Heaven CDs, then hold on tight, baby: them be the goods. I was fuggin' obsessed with Skullflower ca. '93, so this was a pretty predictable purchase on my behalf. I hadn't listened to this in years until the other night, though halfway through Side 1 and my mind was already made up: this is good, real good. Armed with a roomful of exotic instruments (gongs, bells, you name it), a piano, guitar and a distortion box, Bower has built a massive wall of sound, aided by his ability to stick an honest-to-God tune in amongst all the noise. A missing link between the caustic shriek of Masami Akita and late '70s Eno, this is a mixed bag that still sounds mighty good. Score it on the board for Majora! Review from Lexicon Devil.



Anonymous said...

this is my favorite blog...keeep it up..thanks!

Jon said...


thank you astraal tempel

rvdh said...

more total is on the way!

telabs said...

Thank you indeed.

I have it on vinyl, but I'm lazy and since this is the kind of thing I like to put on when I'm going to sleep, the format fails me.

If you upload 'Here, Time is Space', the second Total record for Majora, which Rawks Bawls, I'll be yr BFF.

Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

this Total LP has to be one of the best things Bower has ever done, nothing's ever felt so mindblowingly solid, had the same melancholic dirge for burnt out planets. everything about it is perfect, even the album art.