Friday, August 17, 2007

Repost: Zaimph - Moon's Pool CDr (2005, Heavy Blossom)

Four-track solo cdr album from Marcia Bassett of Double Leopards, Hototogisu, GHQ, Zaika and probably a bunch of other things by now on her own Heavy Blossom label. Bought from a Hototogisu show in 2005, and the vibe is floating but urgent, more similar to Hototogisu than any of the others mentioned above. Out-of-print and very rare - i've not seen this anywhere for a long time. Comes in a flat wraparound sleeve of fried original artwork with textured insert. Description from


Attention Bassett geeks: GHQ has a higly limited tape available from Sloow Tapes which is probably nearly sold out. Pick it up if you can.


wassonii said...

Welcome back and hope all is well.
Thanks for this and the heads up on the festival. Doubt I'll be able to travel, but glad to know such musicks receive good support.

panagiotis A. stathis said...

many thanks for this brother & for Double Leopards' "Out of One, Through One and To One," the latter completes my Double Leopards collection/odyssey. Astraal Tempel RhytHymns hath been fuck'ing shit up as of late. cheers to a job done bloody well.

Marcia Bassett is my queen!

for mine fellow freaks:

Burning Star Core & Za├»mph — Live at No Fun Fest 2007 (05.20.07)

much love

rvdh said...

awesome, thanks a lot man. i do believe have another DL release that you dont though. i'll be posting the gematria 2xtape soon. thanks and keep blogging.