Saturday, September 1, 2007

Double Leopards - Gematria 2xTape (2005, Heavy Tapes)

"The Gematria cassette box on Heavy Tapes has proved a wonderful sonic Rosetta Stone for decoding the Leopards’ cosmos. Since listening to those solo transmissions, I can’t help but zone in on the individual strands each member adds to the group sound." From Digitalis.



Zombie said...

nice, sounds good

Anonymous said...

I love this release by double leopards, Curtis's side is especially awesome, like he turned his voice into some kind of interstellar storm. always great to hear stuff on heavy tapes.

Onji said...

Unfuckinbelievable. Such a good tape release. Thanks so very much!

433 RPM said...

i wonder if they got the title from the kapotte muziek tape by the same name?


mdsgcg said...

hey, really been enjoying your site...the mediafire links seems to be down..any chance of wishes to you and your readers...say, you got any plans to put some hototogisu or skaters up ?

krin said...

hey, could you re-up this by any chance. great blog.