Sunday, March 9, 2008

Quad - Quad LP (1997, Acme Records)

Quad or QUAD was the name of a solo music project by Gary Ramon.

During his six-year hiatus from Sun Dial, Ramon embarked on an ambitious solo project, Quad, which combined ambient electronica with kraut rock. The result was a pair of self-titled albums. The first of these was released on Ramon's own Acme Records in 1997 as a 1000-copy limited edition on 12" clear vinyl with a transparent sleeve. The second Quad album was released in 1998 on the Prescription label as a 99-copy limited edition LP.

A 1999 American rerelease of the first album on CD and 10" LP on the Man's Ruin label was scheduled but eventually cancelled.

Both albums are now highly sought-after collectors' items. (Description from Wikipedia.)



Anonymous said...

Everyone should get this!!! I think this is the original rip from MutantSound (just to give him the credits. You also get the cover art there)). You can get the second Quad LP at mysteryposter.blogspot. Have a nice trip!

rvdh said...

yeah, this is the rip from mutant needs more attention though. the art is from psychedelic music dot net. *gets the second lp*

.. said...

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mrsblucher said...

actually i'm going to check this with my personal ripped copy at home, which i circulated in about 2002 through my normal channels .. ;) i suspect it's my encoding .

anyway! -- i meant to ask -- anyone got the second LP of 99 copies?? i was hoping they would be bundled together in this download.

Anonymous said...

please upload it again the link is not working.

Anonymous said...

yes please upload this again!!
i first came across quad at mysteryposter- love it
it got me through last winter
- i would LOVE to hear the first one
thanks a ton -all your work is really appreciated

Thomas said...

nevermind - i just found it on mutant sounds mentioned above. - still thanks again

Anonymous said...

any chance of finding the second LP. mysterposter seems down.

Anonymous said...

nevermind. i found it !

dingo6 said...

Hello ASR, could you re-up it, please? It'd be really appreciated. Thanks