Friday, March 7, 2008

The Skull Defekts - Rotating Feedback & Save The Skulls CD (2005, iDEAL Recordings)

The Skull Defekts was formed in early 2005 after the death of the Swedish avant rock outfit Kid Commando. Together with Henrik Rylander of the infamous garage rock monster Union Carbide Productions, Jean-Louis Huhta (known from Cortex, Anticimex, Lucky People Center, Stonefunkers etc) and experimental turntablist Henrik Grevesmuhl, Eric Olofsson and Joachim Nordwall (curator of the iDEAL Festival and label) of KC formed a band that goes further down to investigate the outer regions of rock music & experimental sound & noise.

But here - on the first full length album of TSD, we meet a duo consisting of Rylander and Nordwall only, dropping a 38 minute-long dark atmosphere mindphucker that will slay your soul. Here they use the very minimal equipment of feedback though mixing desks and a contact microphone. But it is surprisingly vital and changes in sound make slow melodies, almost hidden to the listener.
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