Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Shruti Sadolikar - Raga Mian-ki-Todi, Raga Bibhas, Raga Bhairavi

"Representing a younger generation of khyal singers, Shruti Sadolikar-Katkar received her inintial training from her father who was also a disciple of Alladiya Khan and his son, Bhurji Khan. In 1968, Shruti continued her studies with Gulubai Jasdanwala, a musician with a vast repertoire of Khyal compositions (bandishes) in the Alladiya Khan tradition. To broaden her knowledge, she has received guidance from Azizuddin Khan, the grandson of Alladiya Khan. She is accompanied in this recording by Anindo Chatterjee on Tabla and Anand Krishna Kunte on Sarangi. Her label debut with Anand Krishna Kunte on sarangi and Anindo Chatterjee on tabla. A slow unfolding done in sensitive and revealing fashion."

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