Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Speaking in an almost improvisational style, Jensen explores the nature of injustice, of what civilizations do to the natural world, and how, in the face of the resulting horror that is one of the all too apparent consequences of grave injustice, civilized human beings create intricate systems of denial, silence, abnegation, deception, and self-hatred to keep it at bay. A typical Jensen event is multidimensional and feels a bit like traveling beneath the earth among tree roots as they twist their way into soil, rock, riverbeds and accompany fish, insects, discarded tires, cellophane wrappers, animals, history, and human instinct on a strange and interlocking journey. It is indeed a heart rending, mind expanding, and ultimately healing excercise to explore Jensen's root system, with him not so much as a guide, but an experienced fellow traveler."

"Jensen is often labeled an anarcho-primitivist, by which is meant he concludes that civilization is inherently unsustainable and based on violence. He argues that the modern industrial economy is fundamentally at odds with healthy relationships, the natural environment, and indigenous peoples. He concludes that the very pervasiveness of these behaviors indicates that they are diagnostic symptoms of the greater problem of civilization itself. Accordingly, he exhorts readers and audiences to help bring an end to industrial civilization."

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