Saturday, November 24, 2012

Corpse/Antisma Split - Demos (CS, 1993)

Antisma and Corpse both played filthy and primitive Death Metal out of Laredo, TX in the U.S. Each band includes some of the same members so I imagine that's why both demos were sold on one tape.

Antisma - Rehearsal Tape (1991)

Rick Garza     Bass, Vocals
Chago Gonzalez     Drums
Marce Avalos     Guitars
Israel Rigal     Guitars

1.     Obscured Afterlife    
2.     Putrified World        
3.     Dark Nation        
4.     Lying Corpses

Corpse - 'Till Death 'Till You Rot (1993)

Joe Lucifer     Drums
Hector Rocha     Guitars
Marce Avalos     Guitars
Rick Garza     Vocals, Bass

1.     Cannibalistic        
2.     'Till Death 'Till You Rot        
3.     Grave Burial        
4.     Suffering        
5.     Putrified World

Associated Acts: Bestemmia Aeternalis, Tyr, Butchered Saint, Disfigurement   

Info gathered from Metal Archives.

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(You'll need 7zip to extract the files.)

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