Thursday, June 21, 2007

Rovo - Pico! CD (1998, Sony Japan)

I couldnt find an english review so this extremely bad Japanese translation will do:

1998 release. First of the vision of ROVO. 4 tune entering maxi single. Already, it can spread the sound like the outer space where even the essence of ROVO you can say bodily sensation. As for ROVO it understands well that already it is not anything person other than ROVO from first.

It spreads to everywhere, cotton 々 keeps being connected to everywhere, furthermore it transfigures, in order to twinkle, the shining and the shade it makes, becoming colored keeps. In order the person whom you hear to be fixed and being to touch the lump you are moved. So while having done, in some [ma] your own rhythm the language which is different completely from the mouth differing from always, appearing, you rival it becomes. But everything is hallucination, your own consciousness which remembers hallucination you are new gradually it keeps being buried. And steadily even the ground which should stand keeping sinking, it drags the air and the ground and is packed and it falls to the ultimate hallucination which is unified.

First we want experiencing. ROVO!! From Amazon Japan.


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