Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tirath Singh Nirmala - Tattv-guna-mala Vol. I & II CDr's (2005?/06?, self-released)

(no cover art available, can anyone help?)

Not too long ago, John Clyde-Evans made a huge splash with his phenomenal solo LP on England's Fisheye imprint. He also performed as an collaborator with the seminal UK group, Hood. After taking a seven year hiatus and committing to the path of Sikhism, he returned as Tirath Singh Nirmala. His continually unfolding backstory is interesting enough, but it's his music where the real magic and mystery stretch their silver wings.

Nirmala returned to making music after his close friend and collaborator, Vibracathedral Orchestra's Neil Campbell, gave him some free software and set him on his way. Nirmala responded with nearly a dozen self-released, highly limited CDRs. The releases were filled to the brim with Eastern-influenced, transcendental drones and uplifting spiritual sound explorations. His manipulation of sine waves and use of obscure Asian instruments creates a wholly original and unique sound. As on his solo LP as John Clyde-Evans, Nirmala's ability to concoct sprawling, majestic drones using such simple terms is unmatched. From Digitalis Industries.


FYI, John Clyde-Evans has a new, extremely limited tape available from
Sloow Tapes as I type these words. Check it out.


bruce said...

wow, once again, some really great stuff here. THANK YOU!

wassonii said...

It's really gotten to the point where, not knowing the artist, but knowing you think enough of them to post, I am pulling and previewing each item. Thank you for all the care and info, and of course the musicks!

rvdh said...

great compliments! thanks.

Dutch said...

I have pics of vol 1, 2 and stones and fences vol 1 ; smouldering juniper; and saharasi with artwork.
If you're interested, before I sell em -