Thursday, December 26, 2013

Jade (1995, VHS)!sApjCJ6B!V3zEVALKsbUeY8Rnu0-_yDs9YGtbyudlNKk6RO7HP74

"A bright assistant D.A. investigates a gruesome hatchet murder and hides a clue he found at the crime scene. Under professional threats and an attempt on his life, he goes on heartbroken because evidence points to the woman he still loves." via IMDB

This is an OK rip of the only available on VHS unrated version. One day I'll attempt to edit the cut footage into a rip of the R rated DVD version...but not today.

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Bibin babu said...

not able to download it...could you pls post it as a torrent or some other online storage link? ..thanks