Thursday, December 12, 2013

Little Murders (1971, DVD)!5VRFgTjJ!D5z3ODkelggh81mr9a-n_lcIwQU9GAHTfOn6M8jW8lo

 Finally got this thing to upload. Mega has been a piece of shit lately so I might tone down the larger files...then again I'm stubborn so maybe I won't.

"Little Murders is a 1971 black comedy film starring Elliott Gould and Marcia Rodd, directed by Alan Arkin. It is the story of a girl, Patsy (Rodd), who brings home her boyfriend, Alfred (Gould), to meet her severely dysfunctional family amidst a series of random shootings, garbage strikes and electrical outages ravaging the neighborhood." via Wikipedia

Not in print anymore even though it's one of the greatest black comedies ever made.

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