Saturday, June 2, 2007

Chie Mukai - Solo Improvisations (2000)

Three tracks recorded at Kid Ailack Art Hall in Tokyo in the late 90s. Just over 40 minutes of solo improvisations featuring the beautiful deep drone of the er-hu (a traditional bowed Chinese instrument) augmented by voice, kengali, rings and cymbals. Mukai is an important (and underdocumented) figure in the Japanese underground whose work goes back to her time as a student under Takahisa Kosugi in the late 70s which resulted in her participation in the legendary "East Bionic Symphonia" album. Since then she has continued to work with her own Ché-SHIZU outfit and appear on recordings with artists such as Maher Shalal Hash Baz, Rinji Fukuoka (Overhang Party), Seiichi Yamamoto (Boredoms) and Masayoshi Urabe. Description from Fusetronsound.



Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this one.
it is so rare and difficult to find the possibility of discovering this kind of sounds...

timitiminono said...

timiwow!! this stuff is mindblowing!! it puts you into a reverie only to slap you out of your confort by the time the cymbals come in!

great stuff all around in this blog! please keep up up the good work (and thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!)

Anonymous said...

thank you from Italy this cd is exactly i was really looking for since yesterday and then ?YOU and this DOWNLOAD is like heaven when then i masterize this CDR would go to paradise :mukai is pure sound and soul, pure music from the roots os love.not that dronefuckallstuffmindscreeching.