Friday, June 1, 2007

Z'EV - Production And Decay Of Spacial Relations 2xCD (2006)

"Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the very first Zev studio album which originally came out on Backlash in 1981, Die Stadt is proud to announce the re-release of Production and Decay of Spacial Relations for the first time on CD. It features the original seven tracks from the vinyl plus six recodings entitled Reproduction and Decay of Spatial Relations made by Zev in May/June 2005. Back in the day, Zev used to bring boxes over from Holland when he would come back to New York City which he would sell to Bleeker Bob (a famous record shop situated in the East Village of NY) who told him: this is the best industrial record ever and I sell it to every Japanese buyer who comes into the store. The CD is housed in a reproduction of the original LP (!) cover and comes with a special handmade insert. First edition of 500 copies. Total playing time: 79:57 min. The first edition of 500 copies also includes a bonus CD with never before released archive material all recorded in 1982." - Die Stadt.



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