Sunday, October 28, 2012

Morpheus - Adipocere [Accelerated Decrepitude] - Demo (CS, 1991)

U.S. Death Metal band out of Middletown, New York

Craig Campbell     Vocals
Robert Yench     Guitars
Steve Hanson     Guitars
Ken Faggio     Bass
Sam Inzerra     Drums 


1.    Trephanation
2.    Accelerated Decrepitude
3.    Triformed Limbs
4.    Sttigmatic Crucifixion
5.    Residual Kill 

This is the Accelerated Decrepitude demo with artwork from the Adipocere EP. (They both contain the same tracks but in different order.)

Associated acts:  Morpheus Descends

Info taken from Metal Archives

Ripped using an Optimus SCT-37 Tape Deck, Audacity, EAC and Adobe Audition

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