Sunday, October 28, 2012

Putrid Decay - Feeding Off the Dead - Demo (CS, 1991)

U.S. Death Metal band out of Indian Orchard/Springfield, Massachusetts

Brian Nedeau     Bass
Eric Lucas     Drums
Jimmy Blair     Guitars
Paul Stasiak     Guitars
Damien Guerin     Vocals 


1.     Nocturnal Lunacy        
2.     Darkened Existence         
3.     Demonic Conception    
4.     Created to Kill    
5.     Captured by Cannibals

Info taken from Metal Archives 

Ripped using an Optimus SCT-37 Tape Deck, Audacity, EAC and Adobe Audition

Get the FLAC via [Deposit Files] or [RapidShare] or [Mediafire]

(You'll need 7zip to extract the files.)

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