Sunday, March 10, 2013

Afflicted - Wanderland - Demo (CS, 1991)

Technical Death Metal out of Stockholm, Sweden.

Joakim Bröms     Vocals
Jesper Thorsson   Guitars
Joacim Carlsson   Guitars
Philip von Segebaden   Bass
Yasin Hillborg     Drums 

1. Astray
2. Tidings from the Blue Sphere
3. Spirit Spectrum
4. Ivory Tower

Associated acts: Aboth, General Surgery, Face Down, Cranium, Dawn, Defender, Crucifyre

Info gathered from Metal Archives and the tape.

Ripped using an Optimus SCT-37 Tape Deck, Audacity, EAC and Adobe Audition

Get the FLAC via [Mediafire] [Rapidshare]

(You'll need 7zip to extract the files.) 

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